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Back in the ICS days, rascarlo started to build rascreamsandwich for himself and his friends Morfic and Simms22. They told him to share my builds, and so he did.


Later, sparksco helped to set up RasSaber, a highly optimized version of RasBeanJelly.


Oddly, rascarlo and sparksco stopped building RasSaber for us because they got nerved by annoying repeated questions and harshly posts in their threads. As I'm able to build from their source (and put some small options into it), I started this thread to contribute to their work.
Also rascarlo and sparksco are back again, this rom is still active and implements some specials that rascarlo or sparksco might not implement into their roms.


Customized RasSaber Git
RasSaber Git
RasBeanJelly XDA


GCC 4.9
-O3 Optimized
rasbeanjelly UI - Black Background // Blue Holo Glow
Themed - Contacts, MMS, Settings, Keyboard, Navbar, Statusbar, Quick Toggles.
Custom LED Notifications
Custom Lockscreen
Custom Navbar
Custom Power Menu
Quick Pulldown
Quiet Hours
Caller Blacklist
Charging LED
Disable Safe Headset Dialogue
Automatic Brightness Levels Adjustment
Quiet Hours
Quick Unlock on Lockscreen
Disable Powermenu on Lockscreen
Disable Wireless Charge Sound
Disable Low Battery LED Pulse
Dalvik/Skia/Bionic Optimizations
Performance Enhancements


rascarlo and sparksco for RasBeanJelly/RasSaber and their help in setting up build environment, repo and building RasSaber, also to give some ideas on how to do thinks.
Android Open Source Project

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